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Installation Instructions


Exterior Vinyl Decal   Indoor Wall Decals     Etched Glass Vinyl

 Some youtube videos

 If you dont understand the instructions email or text us, our information is on the sheet with your decals.

Some Tips:

Lay your decals flat; they have been rolled up during shipping. You just want to let them rest for awhile so they are flat the longer the better sometimes overnight. Lay some books on them to make sure they are flat.

We are going to make sure the transfer tape has good adherence to the vinyl decal. Start squeegee from the center out to the edge go up first, then down, then side to side all from the center out. Then hit the rest of the areas all from the center out.

If your decal has some fine details make sure you get every spot it will make it easier removing the transfer tape later during installation.

When you get to the point of removing the transfer tape during install, remember go slow pull the tape back onto itself. If some of the decal lifts up, lay it back down and rub, then try again. The more detail the more chances to have the decal not stick. Go slow.

If you’re doing an outdoor wet install or anything but an indoor wall decal. If your transfer tape overlaps on the decal please tape the seam with some scotch tape, just the ends and middle. Do not do a wet install for indoor wall decals, just do a dry top or midlle hinge method.

Solution for a wet install is 2 cups water and 1 tsp. of Dawn dish soap (Dawn is best but you can use others). You need to wet the surface you are applying too and the back of the decal. Lay the decal on the wet surface that you are applying to if possible with transfer tape side down. Then peel off the rear paper to expose the decal, wet along the way as you are peeling to prevent decal sticking to itself.  Then flip over and place and squeegee. Remember always squeegee from the center out. If you continue to move the decal around make sure you wet it again, both pieces.

Check out YouTube for videos for your application or give us a call.